Why You Should Add Chiropractor Visits to Your Wellness Routine

The healthiest among us eat right, exercise regularly, and visit the doctor for check-ups. This isn’t the case for most of us, though, and most never see a doctor unless they’re sick. While your primary care check-ups are important to your health and longevity, so is caring for your back. Without a healthy back and spine, your ability to run, walk, or even sit comfortably could be compromised. Choosing an experienced chiropractor for regular wellness visits ensures that you keep your all-important spine in optimal health.

At MassAve Chiropractic, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Joseph Kielur, DC, handles every adjustment and injury with the care you deserve. Our team specializes in a specialized type of therapy we call the DRS ProtocolTM, a customized treatment plan that addresses a variety of back conditions that may be able to help you. Even if you’re only in our offices once per year, that one visit can help you in the long term, and help us, and you, better understand your body and your health risks.

What does a chiropractor do?

Dr. Kielur is a medical professional that specializes in conditions that affect your spine. This includes pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. We also offer a variety of treatment solutions for the whole musculoskeletal system, which covers bones and soft tissues, like muscles, ligaments, and tendons. If you’ve been experiencing back pain, a chiropractor can help you with noninvasive treatments that can bring you holistic relief. 

How can a chiropractor help with my overall wellness?

When your back is healthy, you feel good, and you have more energy. Dr. Kielur gives each patient a complete examination and makes recommendations for you based on his findings, your medical history, and your lifestyle. He may advise that you remain conscientious of your posture, as this can affect your overall health. He advises exercise and nutritional changes that can boost your energy and strengthen your muscles, which helps to burn unnecessary fat. Dr. Kielur may also recommend a chiropractic adjustment to help you keep your spine healthy. Research has shown that conditions, like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, can be positively affected by regular chiropractic treatments. 

Do I need a chiropractor? 

In an ideal world, no, but everyday living and stress take a serious toll on your physical health. Dr. Kielur isn’t just a doctor, but a guide to healthier living. If you’ve recently had an injury or experienced any back pain, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. As mentioned, without a healthy, pain-free back, your daily life suffers, and you may miss out on important things, like work or family engagements. 

We’re here to help you keep your back and spine healthy. Call us today, or use our online scheduling tool to protect your health and your future.

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