Why Pain Sustained During Auto Accidents is Often Delayed

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you may not experience pain right away. It’s actually quite common to not experience pain until several days, weeks, or even months after the accident. Why does this happen?

Joseph Kielur, DC, at Mass Ave Chiropractic in Indianapolis can evaluate your symptoms and offer insight as to why you’re experiencing pain. Even car accidents that happen in low speeds can do significant damage to your body. As your car is forced to a stop, so too are your internal muscles and organs. Being tossed about can stress your joints and cause damage that may not be visible except with an X-ray or MRI scan.

Your body is its own natural defense

Car accidents are high-stress events. In these situations, your body naturally produces chemicals, such as endorphins, that can mask physical pain for a period of time. Additionally, when your body is experiencing a fight-or-flight situation, adrenaline can compel you to act in whatever way is necessary in order to remove yourself from a dangerous situation. You could be severely injured and not notice the pain until you’ve reached a safer place.

Furthermore, for people with a high pain tolerance, they may naturally be less inclined to notice when something isn’t right.

Types of injuries you can sustain in an auto accident

One common injury you may sustain from a car accident that you may not notice right away is whiplash. This injury to your neck can occur when your head is whipped back and forth due to your car being hit. This injury is most common if your vehicle is rear-ended. Even low-impact crashes can cause whiplash, which may not be noticeable for days after the accident.

Traumatic brain injuries can also occur from accidents. The results may lie dormant for days, months, and even years after the accident. The longer you wait to be examined, the more severe the consequences could be. Brain injuries may not only affect how you can function physically, but they can also lead to psychological and emotional problems as well.

A car accident can also give you internal injuries that may not be detected without an X-ray or MRI. The blunt force impact of a car accident can cause internal bleeding, which you may not notice until hours or days after the accident occurs.

If you’ve experienced a car accident recently, you need to get evaluated to make sure you’re healthy. You never know what may manifest months or years down the road. To get an evaluation, book an appointment online or over the phone with Mass Ave Chiropractic today.

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