When Does Your Lower Back Pain Require Medical Attention?

Lower back pain is not only prevalent in the United States — 80% of adults will have some experience with the problem — it can also lead to years of frustration and discomfort. In fact, 20% of those who suffer from acute lower back pain go on to have chronic problems that have a significant impact on their ability to function normally.

At Mass Ave Chiropractic, Dr. Joseph Kielur and our team feel that lower back pain is something you should never ignore given how it can affect your life. We understand that the earlier we can address the problem, the better your chances are of avoiding chronic issues.

With that in mind, here’s a look at when you should seek our help for your lower back pain.

The anatomy of your back

Before we get into the many problems that can affect your lower back, it’s important to understand why lower back pain is so common. At the core of your back is your spine, which is made up of 33 vertebrae that are separated by 23 discs. Your spine is divided into five sections, including your:

Of these five sections, two enjoy far greater movement and range of motion — your cervical spine and your lumbar spine. This mobility also means that these two areas are more susceptible to injury or wear-and-tear.

Your lower back, however, also bears a heavier burden as it supports your upper body and plays no small role in the function of your lower body. In other words, your lower back is an extremely hard-working area that can become easily injured or affected by disease.

The common causes of lower back pain

There’s no shortage of circumstances that can bring on lower back pain, but a few rise above the rest in terms of prevalence. The most common causes of lower back pain include:

Though some of these issues may be temporary, such as sciatica, many pose a real threat for ongoing problems with your lower back, which is why medical intervention is paramount in most all cases.

Why seek help for your lower back pain?

Whether your lower back pain is acute or chronic, your primary goal is to restore pain-free movement — and that’s our goal, as well. 

Through our chiropractic treatment, we correct any misalignments along your spine to encourage a better flow of valuable resources that can speed up your recovery. Your body is incredibly self--sufficient and contains the resources it needs to rebuild and repair your soft and hard tissues on a cellular level. But if these resources are blocked along the primary “highway” in your body — your spine — the healing process can be considerably slowed down.

Ultimately, the treatments you receive at our practice are designed to help relieve the pain and restore mobility, which is why we recommend that you come see us at the first signs of lower back pain. This immediate attention can help save you from much larger problems down the road.

If your lower back is in pain, please contact our office in Indianapolis, Indiana, to get on the road to relief.

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