How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Back

Without the proper mattress, your sleep and your back will suffer. To choose the right mattress for your back, you must be familiar with all the options. After all, from the mall to the warehouse store, everyone’s trying to sell you a mattress.

How to make the wisest choice

To buy the best mattress for your back, there are certain criteria to consider. Here are a few tips to guide you in your mattress acquisition journey.

Do your research

Research is important when it comes to taking care of your health. Before purchasing a mattress, it is wise to ask plenty of questions. The many options available may surprise you.

When it is time to make the purchase, selecting your mattress at a physical location has advantages. Being able to sit or lie on the mattress tells you much about its comfort level.

Consult your chiropractor

One of the best ways to understand your specific needs when it comes to your back is to consult your chiropractor. Although they’re not mattress experts, your chiropractor is the most familiar with the condition of your spine and its needs. Your physician usually provides advice to take along with you when shopping. Keep this advice handy when weeding out sales gimmicks and promotions. Despite what they wish to sell, you need what’s best for you.

Test the product

It may sound strange, but you need to test out the mattress for around 15 minutes. Don’t worry about how others may see you. This is a serious and rather hefty purchase, so there’s no rush. Ask yourself a few questions: “How does the mattress feel?” “Is the mattress too hard/too soft?” These questions lead to more questions to ask the salesman.

When you ask questions, make sure to inquire about mattress guarantees or trials. Many mattresses offer a trial period in your home. With this option, you have time to experience a full night’s sleep with the product. Don’t forget to ask about the warranty. Most mattresses come with a full 10-year agreement.

Five mattress options to consider

There are a few varieties of mattresses available. Before making the purchase, familiarize yourself with the products. From a firm, standard mattress to comfy pillow-tops, there is no shortage of choices.

1. Innerspring mattress

The Innerspring mattress is a tried and true variety. Most of these types of mattresses are supportive, with extra support for larger people. While some salespeople say, “The more springs, the better”, that isn’t the gospel truth. There should be approximately 390 coil springs inside the mattress to offer ample support and comfort.

2. Latex mattress

For those who need a really firm mattress, latex is the best choice, as it is uniform all the way through. This structure is similar to memory foam, but it differs because latex pushes back instead of forming to the body. If lack of support causes your back pain, then you might consider a latex mattress.

3. Memory foam

There are several positive qualities about a memory foam mattress. This choice offers support evenly to all parts of the body. It molds with your body shape and cushions each pressure point, alleviating pain. Memory foam also isolates your movements so your sleeping partner isn’t disturbed.

The only negative point is that most memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive and can make you feel too warm during the night.

4. Air mattress

This type of air mattress is not the same as the one purchased for the surprise overnight guest. This air mattress replaces spring coils with air baffles. This allows users to adjust each side separately for either firm or soft support. Individuals who have experienced spine injuries often choose an air mattress for its adjustable support.

When it is time to get a new mattress

There are indicators which tell you it’s time to replace your old mattress. The first hint would be when your body tells you – when pain and discomfort keep you up at night. If this is not the case, then consider replacing your mattress at least every 10 years.

If you'd like more advice on the right mattress for your particular back issues, Dr. Joseph Kielur, DC, at Mass Avenue Chiropractic will be happy to consult with you.

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