5 Helpful Tips to Remedy Tech Neck

Dr. Kielur of Mass Ave. Chiropractic in Indianapolis, IN can help remedy and prevent tech neck and other joint and muscle iss

Advances in technology have shrunk our world. Geographical distances no longer restrict us and remote learning and even relationships are now the norm. But the fascination with technology has become addictive and has many of us hunched over our devices for hours on end focusing on our digital screens.

Most adults spend between 2-4 hours every day reading and texting on their smartphones. Aside from what this says about our fixation with electronics, it also poses another problem — physical harm. The average adult’s head weighs between 10-12 pounds. In the neutral, upright position, there is very little stress on your neck. However, when you bend your head forward, your neck works harder to hold your head in place. 

And that strain grows with every inch you tilt your head forward. That means that having your neck bent at 15 degrees puts 27 pounds of pressure on your neck. When you hold your head at a 60-degree angle, it effectively puts 60 pounds of pressure on your neck.

Over time, this sustained strain from bending your head forward tightens your neck muscles and puts your back at risk for injury. Often referred to as tech neck, this condition can cause a wide range of problems, including: 

Our team at Mass Ave. Chiropractic, led by Dr. Joe Kielur, can help relieve your tech neck pain before it begins to cause other, more severe structural problems. But the best way to treat it is to prevent it altogether. We’ve put together five tips to help you prevent tech neck and it’s uncomfortable symptoms.

1. Take a tech break

One of the best things you can do to keep the tech neck kinks at bay is to take frequent breaks from your devices. Stop and stretch about every half hour and resting your eyes to give them a break from your screen. Each hour, spend at least a few minutes taking a quick walk to break up your screen time. Try leaving your devices behind when on your lunch break.

2. Sit up straight

Another way to fight tech neck is to practice proper posture when using your computer, tablet, or phone. The ideal placement for your head is in a neutral position, where your ears line up with your shoulders. Keep your screens at eye level if possible, and don’t lean in to see them. Adjust your devices rather than your body for the best viewing position. Dr. Kielur can advise you about proper posture and ergonomics to help reduce your risk of developing tech neck.

3.  Stretch it out

If you’ve ever experienced tech neck, you know that your first instinct is to stretch out the tight muscles. That’s because stretching is a great way to release tension. Try tucking your chin toward your neck and holding it in, stretching each side of your neck, and clasping your hands behind your back to open your chest. Learn to be aware of your posture and the difference between a slump and an upright, neutral position. It may take some time and self-reminding to change your habits, but you’ll soon discover that good posture eliminates a lot of your pain. 

4. Move more

The more you exercise and strengthen your muscles, the more likely you are to avoid the pain of tech neck. Try some moderate moves like shoulder rolls, which can help correct muscular imbalances. Then, add exercises to your routine that focus on strengthening your neck, back, and core muscles to provide more stability and support in your body. These activities will not only help you avoid neck and back pain, but they’ll also improve your posture.

5. Get professional help

If you already have tech neck, and it’s advanced beyond the point where these tips can help, come see us at Mass Ave. Chiropractic. When lifestyle changes alone don’t do the trick, we step in to help your body heal and relieve your pain. Dr. Kielur offers personalized physical rehab programs with stretching and strengthening exercises designed to restore your neck function and reduce your risk of future pain.

For more information on preventing or managing tech neck, call us at Mass Ave. Chiropractic or book an appointment online today.

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